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enBio stands for excellence in healthcare.  enBio delivers consistent quality biomedical engineering and services that hospitals and clinics expect.

Our people believe in what they do and the professionalism to get things done right the first time. 

enBio knows

enBio knows the importance of biomedical equipment in modern healthcare. You need a reliable partner to deliver a service that is on time and delivered with great care.  When healthcare professionals are supported by quality biomedical staff and service they are able to focus their full attention on patient care.  That is what matters most!

enBio knows that our commitment to quality and accuracy brings peace of mind to healthcare environments where the stakes are high. Our team of experts is here to provide accurate biomedical equipment, management and maintenance to physicians, clinicians and hospitals. 

Together we achieve great outcomes  

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enBio Understands

enBio understands that serving our customers requires more than just a “cookie cutter approach.  enBio creates customized solutions that keep your diagnostic equipment fully operational and performing accurately  that fit your budget and needs.  Learn more about our services.

enBio Partners

Discover why the nation’s largest hospitals and clinics turn to enBio as their trusted partner for biomedical technology maintenance and management services.

enBio Responds

enBio’s Rapid Response Program delivers critical biomedical services to your facility around the clock. We deploy our trained engineers quickly based on the service level required by your organization.

enBio Delivers

Medical professionals rely on monitoring equipment and biomedical technology to deliver timely and accurate diagnostic information. By removing the maintenance burden from healthcare facilities, enBio enables your staff to spend more time focused on patient care. 

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If you feel you have the background and skills to deliver world-class service, we’d like to hear from you. Begin your journey with enBio

Our commitment to you 

enBio is an active member of The California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA), the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), and the Medical Equipment & Technology Association (META). We are dedicated to providing world- class biomedical engineering services, and in shaping the future of healthcare.



Really appreciate all you’ve accomplished to bring our program up to the next level. Your dedication, expertise and GREAT follow up are something to be admired and practiced by all. If I were asked to give a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “excellent”, I’d give you a score of 11.

L.H. Director, Plant Operations


We don’t say it enough but we very much appreciate our on-going partnership with enBio.

T.C. Executive Director


Kudos to the tech, who came in today to do our Annual PM on our equipment. She was the first tech who I felt did a comprehensive PM on all of our equipment. Thank you so much for her good work. She was excellent!!

M.S. Site Manager


The enBio team is awesome! Thank you all!

R.C. Facility Services Director


I enjoyed enBio’s services from the first day I walked in. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

T. A. Chief Executive Officer


Thank you for all your help! Your staff has been wonderful out here! Keep up the good work!

A.K. Director of Facilities Management


Our nurse let me know that enBio’s tech was kind, understanding, and responsive. She let me know he worked around her busy schedule. She also let me know that he took the time to walk through the problems with her EKG machine and explained everything clearly. She let me know that he followed up with her throughout the entire PM process for the day. She asked me if he could be our permanent PM tech. I just want to thank your team for always being the best of the best every time.

R.E. Facilities Manager


You are so easy to work with. I wished all our Suppliers were like you!!!

C.O. Capital Purchasing


enBio is proud of our exceptionally high standards for quality service and support.

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